Cute pix of my pets have been added! Go check them out! Includes Twister, Freddie, Cassey, Trevor AND one new pic of our new canary, Mango! You gotta check it out! I love my pets sooooo much! Plz leave comments!
Awesome new design has been published! Hope you e-n-j-o-y!!!!! This design is somthing different I had the other one for a while, so I felt like something different! Comment here! Also, there will be no more Event of the Week because during the school year, I will not be able to update every Monday, and I don't like sticking with one update the whole week... I like to do different things! A little this, a little that. ;) Anyway, yeah... where was I... oh yeah by the way I may think this theme rocks, but maybe you don't... idk plz tell me what you think!
Soon I'll be adding pictures to the my pets page, ones of Twister playing, Freddie walkin' around on my bed, and Mango(new bird) hoping around in his  cage! I can't
wait the pix are cool!!
I hope everyone loves this backround! Just to let you know I'll be doing a new design later this week. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment! I think this backround rocks... anyway sorry I did this late!

GUESS WHAT!!!!! BIG NEWS!!!! Monday we got a bird called canary! He's a red one and very, very cute! He has a really pretty chirp... Soon he might start to sing. We don't know what to name him, I'll let you know when we do! Also, pictures coming soon to the My Pets page showing my awesome rat Twister playing on his "playtable" Twister Rocks!!!!!
Yes, I deleted 4EverPets Pictures. Why? 'Cause I thought it was boring and no one commented saying they didn't want it deleted! The new page is called "Pet Care"  OMG it's sooo cool! It has a lot of cute pets that you can feed and play with!!!!! Which is your favorite!?! Tell me! BTW viewers, u do know that to leave a comment, you DON'T HAVE TO GIVE YOUR E-MAIL! IT'S NOT REQUIRED! SAME AS THE WEBSITE THING! So please leave me some comments to read! Thanks! Enjoy the awesome new page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Hey everyone! Sorry it took so long to do but I added more pet products! Two more books, and chew toy brand, and a pic of on my poster(i know it's sideways) anyway go check it out! It's so cool! Just to let you know- the next two weeks there will be some big changes- including adding/deleting pages, and new theme. If you have a page you REALLY don't want me to delete, hurry up and post it here because tomorrow there will be a page or two I will delete!!!! Why am I deleting pages? Well, I have way too many pages, and some of the pages I don't like... It's rlly crowded.... anyway plz don't forget to comment if u don't want me to delete a certain page. Wow this was a longggg post! :0