I know, it's been summer for a long time now and I didn't add that new page yet... sorry...
I've been like obsessed with Neopets!!!!
www.neopets.com Yup, so I haven't done anything with this site 'cause of that. Go Neopets!!! I'm hyper right now, have you noticed?
Do you know why I'm hyper? It's the fourth of July!!! (If you live in the U.S., of course) So yeah, I hope they shoot off the fireworks tonight! Where I am it's really cloudy and rainy looking... ='[
Also, I'm going to start up the summer page today! Like, right after I finish typing this post! But beware... dun dun dun... there wont be much on it. *gasp!* Don't worry, I'll update it later with more fun summerish activities!!!!
Sorry if this post made your head spin. =]