This week is the 4 Ever Pets make-over! This includes reaganging the homepage, adding a new layout, and possibly deleting pages. On the homepage you saw The IMPORTANT!!!!! Poll. This really is important! YOU REALLY NEED TO VOTE IN THIS POLL! I'M SERIOUS!!! The first page(s) to reach 5 votes I might delete. On the poll, there are some pages I didn't add. This is because I think that these pages need to be on 4 Ever Pets.

I didn't add the Common/exotic pages because I just updated them!!! I know you will like it better than the stuff I had before. This time, I put the pet type along with two traits. Then I put websites on both pages that can give you more info. It's SO much better than reading a boring old paragraph about each pet, and I know you will agree! ;)

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