Hi everyone! Yes, I already KNOW that it's WAY past Monday and there's no event yet! I always forget to update on Monday's!!!!! Every other day I remember, but Monday's are like the BOMB! Ok that was scary... I just typed random stuff to make it look professional. ;D Well, now that the Event of the Week is finally back, the event is like all of the pix pages! I updated ALL of them; My Pets, Funny Animal Pix, AND 4EverPets Pictures! I know, I'M amazing!!! Now please leave some comments!


Thanks for the 100 views on May 17th! Thnaks!

Hey, it's finally summer! Have fun in the sun! ;) Right now I'm listening to a song on Youtube called "Ohio(Come Back to Texas)" The artist is Bowling for Soup(BFS) It's an awesome song! Here is the link you can go to to listen to it. The youtube video is a slideshow that goes with the song. I love this song! Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbcrSu4BlQM

There's still no event of the week... I would do it now, but it's too late in the week. Well, this coming Monday the Event of the Week should be back and running! :D




Hi it's been FOREVER since I've done a post!!! I kinda forgot... yeah... didn't feel like it. For now the Event of the Week is temporarily canceled. Just temporary! So keep checking and enjoy my awesome site! Because my site just totally rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Oh yeah I got rid of the poll on the home page... obviously all my pages rock because everyone voted 'NONE! Don't delete any!!!!!!!!' Thanks viewers for liking my site so much!!!! ;) bye for now and  leave comments!