Hi it's been FOREVER since I've done a post!!! I kinda forgot... yeah... didn't feel like it. For now the Event of the Week is temporarily canceled. Just temporary! So keep checking and enjoy my awesome site! Because my site just totally rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Oh yeah I got rid of the poll on the home page... obviously all my pages rock because everyone voted 'NONE! Don't delete any!!!!!!!!' Thanks viewers for liking my site so much!!!! ;) bye for now and  leave comments!


05/16/2009 15:44

Moms r cool:)
I got mine a bouquet of flowers, but then i got on a ridonkulussly hot bus...and they wilted. So when I got off the bus, I was like"Uhh....Happy MOther's Day, I guess" and mom's like "errr...thanks sweetie. Can I toss 'em??"
Yeah, moms.....

05/20/2009 16:32

do you have to have a myspace account to get a pyzam or a webfetti layout??

05/31/2009 07:52

Visit www.planetgreen.weebly.com & leave a comment on our blog!

06/18/2009 16:46

Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog and thanks for both of the compliments. Your pets are adorable.

-Planet Green Team

06/18/2009 17:20

Thx!!!!!! Your welcome about the compliments. :)


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