Awesome new design has been published! Hope you e-n-j-o-y!!!!! This design is somthing different I had the other one for a while, so I felt like something different! Comment here! Also, there will be no more Event of the Week because during the school year, I will not be able to update every Monday, and I don't like sticking with one update the whole week... I like to do different things! A little this, a little that. ;) Anyway, yeah... where was I... oh yeah by the way I may think this theme rocks, but maybe you don't... idk plz tell me what you think!
Soon I'll be adding pictures to the my pets page, ones of Twister playing, Freddie walkin' around on my bed, and Mango(new bird) hoping around in his  cage! I can't
wait the pix are cool!!
8/22/2009 03:18:42 am

everyone just ignore everything aquos says he's just a stupid foul-mouth. I'll be deleting aquos and other rude comments when I get them.

8/25/2009 02:24:34 am

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