So... what was your favorite present that you got for Christmas this year? My fav was this craft tote thing... it's more awesome than it sounds.. and furniture that matches my room! So yeah... plz leave a comment- remember, you don't have to leave your e-mail, just a nickname. Merry Christmas again!
12/26/2009 05:53:32 am

o my gosh this is the best website EVER!!! it says my website is and it is but i also have a site called this site is sooooooo cool can u put my site on your site links once again i love this site

12/26/2009 12:54:10 pm

Your website is SO cute!!!!! I just love your website!!! I have a website called but it is not nearly as godd as yours! Kepp on loving those dogs! Later!

12/27/2009 03:57:31 am

Mud tail:
Of course, I will try to add your website onto the 'Cool Links' page soon. Thanks for the comment! =]

Thanks for the comment! I think your website is great... I think I might add it onto the 'Cool Links' page, too! =]

12/29/2009 10:14:48 am

thx for joining my site! if u want to stay in thunder clan u can but u can be moved up to a leader if u join a different clan the choice is up 2 u

12/30/2009 12:59:05 am

OK I replied on your website... I will be leader of Windclan. =]

12/30/2009 01:23:59 am

thx please tell your friends the more people the better the site will be! make sure you check the site for updates every once in a while

11/7/2010 01:52:47 pm

You are eternal beings, you are God force.You are our god!

7/16/2012 03:21:06 am

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