Hey, two new animal crafts have been posted! Finally someone, Colette, stepped up and gave me a simple and awesome animal craft! Here's her comment:

awesome webpage!! for an animal craft, you can soak a tug-of-war toy and then put it in the freezer. the next day you can give it to your dog, well at least my dog likes ice so he loves this treat!! gotta go, luv the site

Thanks so much, Colette! So I added that sweet animal craft on the the Animal Crafts page(no duh!) So what's the second animal craft? It's one of my ideas! I havn't yet tried it, but I've seen people who take art class, they trace stuff, so I thought "that would be a great idea for an animal craft!" So I put it up! Go check out the animal crafts page and try out the new crafts!

4/20/2009 07:26:10 am

How did you get the free flash toys thing that u made on your website?

4/21/2009 07:18:39 am

hey thats me:)thanks. also i added your webpage to my links, keep up the good work on your webpage!!!!!


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