Hey I set up a new page! If you are getting a rat, thinking about getting a rat or even already have a rat, then go to this page! It's for how to properly care for pet rats. It took a long time to type up, so i hope you enjoy it! I also sorta updated the My pets page. No new pictures, but I changed the intro, some of the captions and... well we found out that Mango is a girl! =D Yup, so plz check this stuff out! And comment!

Oh! And thanks to LonveDine for giving me the idea for the new page!!!!!!! I'm glad someone was able to give me that really good idea! Also, I thought of something myself. I will add a new page OVER THE SUMMER for outdoor games you can play during the summer with your pets! I can't wait to get that page started this comin summer! =]
5/24/2010 06:12:26 am

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