I have sad news to report. I know it is very late, but it was always close to the holidays when I got a post in, and I didn't want to depress everyone. To tell you the truth, I also dreaded writing this.
Freddie really was the hamster of a lifetime... no other hamster could beat him. He never bit me... only once and it wasn't hard at all with no blood drawn. I was heartbroken when I found him curled up in his cage, cold and unmoving on 10/21/09. We set a burial for him, its right in our backyard, so he will be with us always.  Freddie was a big part of my life, and I am sad now that he is gone. I will never forget my beloved hamster.

Call Me Kincey!!
5/11/2010 12:34:06 pm

omg, rip. my hamster, love, died too. On 12/24/08. it was a sad day for me, and christmas eve. =(


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