I'm probably not going to be updating this site as much, since i got my new website www.teenagehearts.weebly.com So if you want more updated stuff, then check it out! (:
Ugh, the song Ignorance by Paramore has been getting stuck in my head lately. Haha. If you haven't heard it before... well then watch the video below (:
Well, hope you still enjoy this site even though I'm not doing that much with it anymore. (: See ya later!
I just published a new website! I ended up getting rid of my other vampire site... sorry guys. ): Anyway, please please PLEASE check it out! : www.teenagehearts.weebly.com It's just getting started, so please go to it and comment on what i should add! Thanks! :)
Hey everyone! It's me again! I havn't been on here in a long time!
It's summer for me now, and I'm already really bored. :) So I decided to start updating this site again, since I'll have nothing else to do this summer! :)
So yeahh... uh.... oh so I'm thinking about getting a new website started soon! It's going to be more of a like a funish website that has more info about me! And probably other stuff like music and videos and just... stuff like that.
Yep. I think that's all I have to say. :)
nomnomnom, i love thanksgiving because you get to stuff your face with yummyful food. :) I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! I know that i did. :)
Haha, i don't do anything with this site. xD Sorry if that annoys you... anyway, school started for me like 3 months ago. :'( But in a couple weeks is Thanksgiving break, and then a couple weeks after that is winter break and then... school for a couple months, and then spring break, and then school for another couple months AND THEN it's summer! yay!!! :D

Well... uh... hope u have a good thankgiving when it's here? 'cause i probably won't post again until like... next summer haha. See ya later! :)
I know, it's been summer for a long time now and I didn't add that new page yet... sorry...
I've been like obsessed with Neopets!!!!
www.neopets.com Yup, so I haven't done anything with this site 'cause of that. Go Neopets!!! I'm hyper right now, have you noticed?
Do you know why I'm hyper? It's the fourth of July!!! (If you live in the U.S., of course) So yeah, I hope they shoot off the fireworks tonight! Where I am it's really cloudy and rainy looking... ='[
Also, I'm going to start up the summer page today! Like, right after I finish typing this post! But beware... dun dun dun... there wont be much on it. *gasp!* Don't worry, I'll update it later with more fun summerish activities!!!!
Sorry if this post made your head spin. =]
Hey I set up a new page! If you are getting a rat, thinking about getting a rat or even already have a rat, then go to this page! It's for how to properly care for pet rats. It took a long time to type up, so i hope you enjoy it! I also sorta updated the My pets page. No new pictures, but I changed the intro, some of the captions and... well we found out that Mango is a girl! =D Yup, so plz check this stuff out! And comment!

Oh! And thanks to LonveDine for giving me the idea for the new page!!!!!!! I'm glad someone was able to give me that really good idea! Also, I thought of something myself. I will add a new page OVER THE SUMMER for outdoor games you can play during the summer with your pets! I can't wait to get that page started this comin summer! =]
Yay it's spring! Spring is like my favorite season!!! Anyway, what should be added/changed to this site next? Should I add a new page? If so, what should the page be?!?!? I NEED IDEAS SO PLZ HELP!!!! Comment here on this subject plz! 'Cause I have no clue wat to do!!!!!!!
Ok so we r already like 2 months into the new year. Yippee. Ok so has anyone been watching the Olympics? I have! It's so fun to watch! I think I like the summer Olympics a little better though (you can only watch so much of curling...) Anyway, I updated the Fun page because some of the games/stuff wasn't working so I had to delete them... I also added 2 more site onto the cool links page... You totally have to go to them! =D                                                    
It's finally a brand new year! Sorry that this is a day late... well, I hope evryone had a great New Year! Happy 2010!!!!! =]