Cool Pictures has been changed to be totally awesome! The page is now called '4EverPets Pictures!' This page is ALL of pictures that I, author of 4everpets, took!!! These pictures are so sweet... I added A LOT!!! Click here to go check out these pix!!!!


This week is the 4 Ever Pets make-over! This includes reaganging the homepage, adding a new layout, and possibly deleting pages. On the homepage you saw The IMPORTANT!!!!! Poll. This really is important! YOU REALLY NEED TO VOTE IN THIS POLL! I'M SERIOUS!!! The first page(s) to reach 5 votes I might delete. On the poll, there are some pages I didn't add. This is because I think that these pages need to be on 4 Ever Pets.

I didn't add the Common/exotic pages because I just updated them!!! I know you will like it better than the stuff I had before. This time, I put the pet type along with two traits. Then I put websites on both pages that can give you more info. It's SO much better than reading a boring old paragraph about each pet, and I know you will agree! ;)


Hey, two new animal crafts have been posted! Finally someone, Colette, stepped up and gave me a simple and awesome animal craft! Here's her comment:

awesome webpage!! for an animal craft, you can soak a tug-of-war toy and then put it in the freezer. the next day you can give it to your dog, well at least my dog likes ice so he loves this treat!! gotta go, luv the site

Thanks so much, Colette! So I added that sweet animal craft on the the Animal Crafts page(no duh!) So what's the second animal craft? It's one of my ideas! I havn't yet tried it, but I've seen people who take art class, they trace stuff, so I thought "that would be a great idea for an animal craft!" So I put it up! Go check out the animal crafts page and try out the new crafts!


Sorry I'm soooo late on the event! You have no idea how busy I've been!!! Since it's so late in the week, I'll just be doing random updates for this week. I'll tell what I update in blog posts(no duh that's what they're for) Anyway after I post this I'm going to go and update... IDK.... HMMM. I KNOW! I add some stuff to the fun page so go check it out. Comments appericiated.




P.S. Animallver... I added ur website to the homepage! Thx for having my site on ur site, btw. :)


Hey, peeps! Easter updates are here!!! Sorry, I was going to do these updates sooner... but whatever! I added an Easter page! Yippee! you just gotta love Easter for it's awesomness!  So plz leave comments! And go check out these Easter updates! Happy Easer! :D


This week is Easter Week! That means I will be adding Easter stuff and even an Easter Page!(easter page will only be there for the week) I didn't do anything today thoughI REPEAT:  I DID NOT DO ANYTHING TODAY(So DON'T check for anything!!!)I didn't do anything today because... it's late, and why do you need to know anyway???? :p Ok I'm goin' to go now... backing away s-l-o-w-l-y... Keep checking for Easter updates!!!!! :D


Hey I'm back!!!!!!!! And, you guessed it, I'm back with MORE UPDATES!!!! I added a lot of glitter graphics to the Glitter World page!!! Glitter glitter glitter... I <3 Glitter! Not really but still glitter is pretty cool! So go check out these updates!!! And leave comments!